Who can become Freemasons?
Any person of mature age of 21 years, and subject to customary acceptance procedure.

Why would anyone want to become a Freemason?
The best person to answer that question I suppose would be to “ask a Freemason!” – for my own part, I took to the principles like having discovered hidden treasure, during my almost 40 years as a Freemason I and my family have met and made friends with so may wonderful people, (both Masons and non-Masons), all over the world, they and their families have enriched our lives, had it not been for Freemasonry, we may never have met, and its ongoing too – moving jobs … on holiday … on a bus … train … plane … or wherever – a Freemason may chose to be on their own, but they are never ‘alone’ and that means anywhere in the world.

Why don’t Freemason Advertise?
Freemasonry works by ‘word of mouth’ – on enquiry for acceptable reasons, Freemasons are free and will be proud to acknowledge their own membership – in ordinary conversation there is very little about Freemasonry that may not be discussed.

I Don’t Know a Freemason!
It’s surprising who is a Freemason,why not send for a FREE INTRO PACK and learn a little more?