Charity Work

Freemasonry is here to help them also, we have a Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls. The mission ” To continue to relieve poverty and provide an education and preparation for life for the children of the family of a Freemason and, where funds permit for any children, as their fathers would have done, had they been able so to do “.

In the academic year 2003/4 the Trust supported 725 students, through the UndergradAid Scheme. If you would like to know more :


A scheme that helps, support, gifted or talented children of Freemasons, particularly in the fields of sport, music, dance, drama or art.

Educational Holidays

Since 1986, Girls and Boys under the care of the Trust have benefited from educational holidays abroad. The children and young people selected each year are from low income families unable to arrange such visits or holidays.

Grand Charity

The Grand Charity is a registered charity constituted by a Trust Deed, whilst the objects are very broad, the three specific areas are Masonic applicants in distressed circumstances – support to other Masonic charities – giving to non-Masonic charities, for more info :-